Last modified: 24.06.2021

Working at aau

Traveling as staff

AAU travel insurance for staff

The Aalborg University's (AAU) insurance card can be obtained from your division’s secretary. Note that the traveller must sign the card and that the university's CVR number must be stated on the card: CVR no. 29102384. 

Persons covered:

  • AAU employees with employment contract
  • Persons engaged in permanent, temporary or casual work, paid or unpaid
  • Persons who are employed to carry out work in Denmark, but who go on official trips of a short or long duration

Important! AAU’s insurance does not cover your leisure time.

The Finance and Accounts department describes how you as an AAU staff can handle travel and other expenses.


In the Travel and Other Expenses AAU page, you can find information about:

  • How to book tour travel?
  • How to access RUS (travel expenses platform)?
  • How to settle travel accounts and expenses reports?
  • Rules and rates
  • How to get a credit card?
  • What about travel insurance?
  • Contacts
  • Forms