Last modified: 24.06.2021

Working at aau

Salary and payslip

Your payslip is sent from “Økonomistyrelsen” (Agency for Public Finance and Management to your e-boks, no later than the last working day of the month. Your e-boks is your personal online digital mailbox, where you will receive mail from the public authorities and other organisations.  The e-boks is usually set up automatically, when you get a Danish bank account and register for online banking. You can read more about e-boks at

Please note that it is your responsibility to check whether you receive the correct salary, so please make sure that the salary and supplements correspond with your employment contract.


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    All AAU salary payments are made via NemKonto, including wage payments and reimbursement of expenses and travel expenses. In order to create a Nem Konto, you require a CPR number.

    International staff staying in Denmark for a maximum of one month do not have to create a NemKonto. If you are staying in Denmark for a maximum of one month, your paymentwill be  transferred to the foreign account you have provided.

    For more information about NemKonto, please go to:

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    Salary and payslip contacts at AAU

    For detailed information on salary and payslips, please contact the following HR staff:

    • HR Service Center HSF services the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Shared Services. 
    • HR Service Center EST services the Faculty of Health Sciences and Technical Faculty of IT and Design (SUND and TECH). 
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    Trade unions

    Your terms of employment are regulated by collective agreements determined by the trade unions and the employer’s associations.

    The trade unions act and negotiate on the employees’ behalf to secure you and your colleagues the best possible salary level and working conditions.

    Being a member of a trade union is very common in Denmark and can provide you with a series of employment- and career-related legal support and services you may need e.g. guidance regarding individual employment contract, salary, industrial accidents and injuries. There is not a law regarding minimum wages in Denmark, so the collective agreements are important. Please note that you will be covered by the collective agreement whether you are a member of a union or not.

    What are the advantages of being a union member?

    • Negotiations of wages and contracts
    • Mediation of conflicts at the workplace (unions are bound to discretion)
    • Pension and employment funds
    • Courses and workshops (many free of charge)
    • Bargains on bank accounts, insurance, and holiday homes
    • Negotiations of wages and contracts
    • Mediation of conflicts at the workplace (unions are bound to discretion)
    • Pension and employment funds
    • Courses and workshops (many free of charge)
    • Bargains on bank accounts, insurance, and holiday homes


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    Your payslip

    Please find below a brief guide to help you better understand the text and figures on your payslip.  

    On your payslip, the section above the punctured line shows the pension calculation. The amount stated is merely information on the entire pension earned in the period in question.

    Payslip glossary

    Kode Code
    Ydelse Payments
    Fradrag Deductions
    Personale kategori

    (Personnel category) shows the personnel category to which you are associated and also the collective agreement under which you are employed.

    LR/KL Shows which salary group you belong to.
    TR Salary step you are on.

    Is a salary scheme. Being on SKTR 99 means you are on the scheme called new salary; only people employed before 1997 might have a different number.


    The month and year that show when you are to move up to a new salary step. If the number is 12/99, it means you will not automatically move up a step or that you are already on the highest step.

    Ydelser i alt

    (Payments/supplements in total) is your total gross salary (not including pension).

    Fradrag i alt

    (Deductions in total) is your total deductions before payment. ATP and AM are deducted from your salary before A-skat.

    Til disposition

    (At your disposal) gives you the date of when your salary will be in your account.


    (Amount) is the total amount of money that will be transferred to your account.

    Fradrag (under Skattekort)

    (Deduction) is the amount each month of which you do not pay taxes.


    (Tax percentage) is the percentage you pay in A-skat.

    Indev. periode (under A-indkomst før arbejdsmarkedsbidrag)

    (Current period) is your total income before taxes, with AM deducted.

    Indeværende år (under A-indkomst før arbejdsmarkedsbidrag)

    (Current year) is your total income before taxes for the current year up to now, including AM.

    Indev. periode (under indeholdt kildeskat)

    (Current period) is A-skat paid this month.

    Indeværende år (under indeholdt kildeskat)

    (Current year) is the total A-skat for this year so far.


    (Salary fraction) shows your working hours. If it says 3700/3700, 37/37 or 1/1 it means full time (37 hours/week). If for example it says 1850/3700 it means you work 18,5 hours (part time).

    Arbejdsmarkedsbidrag (AM)

    Is the calculation of labour market contributions.

    A-skat (Tax /at source) Your main tax contribution
    Arbejdsmarkedets tillægspension (ATP) Supplementary labour market pension. An obligatory public pension scheme.