Last modified: 25.06.2021

Working at aau

Facilities and benefits

On this section, you can find useful information about the facilities and benefits you have at your disposal as an Aalborg University (AAU) staff member.

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    PAU - PhD student organisation (Aalborg)

    PAU is the PhD association and network for all PhD students at the faculties of engineering and science, the Technical Faculty of IT and Design and medicine at Aalborg University. PAU stands for "PhD Network of Aalborg University".

    All PAU’s information and activities are posted on their Facebook group


    NERDS - PhD Society (Aalborg)

    NERDS are a PhD society for Humanities and Social Sciences’ at AAU.

    All NERDS’ information and activities are posted on their Facebook page.


    PhD Student Forum (Copenhagen)

    The PhD Student Forum is for all PhD students at Campus Copenhagen.

    All Forum’s information and activities are posted on their Facebook page.


    Skråningen (the slope) (Aalborg)

    Skråningen is AAU’s Art Association. The association consists of employees, students and others affiliated with AAU. The association offers art exhibitions at Langagervej 2 and Kroghstræde 3 (Campus Aalborg Øst), and an annual summer excursion to visit art galleries and museums.

    Find out more here (in Danish).


    DE-Klubben (The DE-Club)

    The DE Club is a social club for students and PhD’s under the E and S study boards, e.g. electronics, IT technology, health technology, product and design psychology, medialogy, sports science and industrial medicine.


    Studenterhuset (Aalborg) – AAU access to work and study hall in the city center

    Studenterhuset (the student house) is a café and venue for a series of events in Aalborg.

    The third floor of this building is a quiet and comfortable work and study hall with access to a balcony. As an AAU employee you can enter and use the hall any day of the week and at any time of day with your staff card and pin number.

    The student house is located at Gl. Torv 10, 9000 Aalborg.

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    At Campus Aalborg, you can find the academic bookstore FACTUM Books.

    Beside from the normal bookstore services provided, you can also see AAU merchandise.


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    Each campus canteen has a dedicated page where you can find information about the week’s menu, opening hours, prices and contacts. You can select from the bellow your campus canteen page.

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    AAU offers full-time employees (except D-VIP and D-TAP) access to discounts and benefits in your spare time at LogBuy – a discount portal.

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    Holiday houses

    If you have been an employee at AAU for at least one year and work more than 15 hours per week, you have the opportunity to rent a holiday home IN dENMARK through AAU’s holiday fund.


    See the holiday homes (in Danish only) page for more information.

    For enquiries on the holiday homes and more information, please contact Lene Søndergaard in the Finance and Accounts Office at AAU.


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    IT utilities & benefits

    Researchers, teachers and Ph.D. students have access to the university's computer facilities. A large number of terminals are placed in computer laboratories all over the university, and for academic staff also in the offices.

    For access to a computer, you need both an access card and a code. The secretary at your department or unit will give you further information on how to obtain access to and use the computer facilities.

    Instruction books and manuals are available in the terminal rooms and can also be bought at the university bookshops.

    For help regarding IT, you can contact IT Services.

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    Parking at Campus Aalborg 

    Inside the university area, a limited number of parking spaces are noted and parking is only allowed in the designated areas.

    Visit the campus service page Campus Areas and Building/Parking.



    Parking at Campus Copenhagen

    Visit the Copenhagen Campus parking page. 


    Handicap parking

    The parking spaces P-pladserne are for handicap parking. It is not possible to reserve a parking space for a specific car number.

    Disabled parking cars must have a permit sign in the windscreen. If more disabilities P-pladserne are needed, please contact


    Permits for institutional cars

    These parking seats will be marked with "Private parking" and car number. Establishment will be at the Institute's own expense.

    Read more here (in Danish).

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    Sports & Fitness

    Through AAU's discount agreement with DGI-HUSET in Nordkraft, you and your partner as well as your children living with you, can use their training facilities at a reduced price.

    To get a membership, contact the DGI-HOUSE reception and refer to the agreement. Here you can also get answers to any questions.

    Read more about the training offer (in Danish)

    Read more about DGI-HOUSE (in Danish)

    Read the cooperation agreement (in Danish)


    UniRun in Aalborg

    You can sign up for the annual UniRun at Campus Aalborg. UniRun is a social run for all – students as employees – associated with AAU.

    Find more information here.



    AUI is AAU’s sports association for employees. Currently this association offers Badminton, Football/ soccer, Table Tennis and Volleyball on Campus Aalborg.

    Find more information here.

    However, if you want to start one up in Campus Copenhagen or Campus Esbjerg, feel free to contact AUI. They offer to do what they can to help you – and publish the activity on the website.

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    University libraries

    AAU has university libraries in all three campuses. 

    AAU’s libraries are ready to assist AAU staff and PhD students with access to material and guidance regarding searching for information, publishing, profiling, and teaching materials.

    With your AAU staff card, you access the libraries after working hours.

    Here you can find the libraries’ guide for staff.