Last modified: 24.06.2021

Working at aau

career strategy services


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    Competence Development

    Visit the AAU course catalogue for staff!

    The courses are aimed at staff and managers, both VIP and TAP, and focus on ensuring relevance, quality and advantageous prices. 

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    Aalborg University is an Euraxess center.

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    Innovation and Research

    AAU Innovation and Research supports and promotes AAU’s knowledge partnerships and relationships with the surrounding environment.

    If you have questions or wishes for your own institute’s innovation and research development, feel free contact them here
    If you wish to recieve their newsletter go to Funding & Project Management Newsletter.

    The AAU Innovation and Research support offers:

    • AAU Research Support, which includes Grants & Contracts and Fundraising & Project Management, assists researchers at AAU in areas such as project applications, funding opportunities and contracts.
    • AAU Innovation promotes knowledge transfer and cooperation through activities such as operation and development of networks, clusters, strategic partnerships, matchmaking, commercialization and patenting of inventions as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship through educational and incubator programs.