Last modified: 24.06.2021

Working at aau

AAU insurance

Aalborg University (AAU) provides personal on-the-job injury insurance. This will cover you as an AAU employee if you sustain an injury during working hours at AAU.

Guest researchers and guest students are not covered by this insurance. We recommend all guests to take out private insurance to cover you, if you sustain any injury during your visit at AAU.

Please note that it is your responsibility to take out private insurance in areas such as health, travel and personal liability in order to cover you while you are living in Denmark.


Important! AAU’s insurance does not cover your leisure time.

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    When are you covered by AAU Insurance?

    Aalborg University covers you for worker’s compensation (personal on the job injury) and property damage while you are at work.

    This means that if you sustain an injury or do damage (unintentionally) to AAU property, while you are working, the university covers the damage.

    Who is covered by AAU on-the-job injury insurance?

    The AAU on-the-job injury insurance covers both:

    • Employees with employment contract.
    • Persons engaged in permanent, temporary or casual work.
    • Persons who are employed to carry out work in Denmark, but who go on official trips of a short or long duration.
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    Student insurance

    AAU has taken out a collective insurance policy for students, which covers accidents occurring in connection with laboratory experiments or other laboratory activities taking place under study programmes.

    It is recommended that students take out their own liability insurance policy during the visit since the accident insurance does not in all instances exempt students causing injury from liability for damages. 

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    Travel insurance

    AAU is self-insured. This means that you do not have to buy travel insurance when you travel abroad on an official trip.

    Read more about Traveling as Staff.