Learning danish at AAU

To ensure easy access to Danish courses, Aalborg University (AAU) collaborates with different language centres depending on campus city. 

Below you find the contact information to the offer at your campus, as well as tips for where to practice your Danish skills in the area. Should you prefer to join a course off campus you can find the state-approved language centres located across the country via the association De Danske Sprogcentre.

Signing up for Danish classes is always done directly with the chosen language centre, regardless if it is at or off AAU campus.


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    Additional options for learning Danish

    Besides the Danish courses offered by the public language centres there are additional alternative forums where you can learn and practice your Danish skills.

    Join language cafés

    In most areas you find volunteers who offer language cafés where you can practice your Danish language skills. Often the volunteers will also help e.g. translate letters received in Danish and with your home work from the language course. You find your local language café in:

    Some good advice

    Read more tips and tricks to advance your Danish learning under Some good advice.

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    In Campus Aalborg

    It is Sprogcenter Aalborg who teaches the language courses at the AAU main campus.

    If you wish to sign-up, visit Aalborg Sprogcenter page and make sure to mention your preference for classes at AAU. 


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    in Campus Copenhagen

    UCpLUS Dansk offers Danish classes on campus Copenhagen for both students and staff. 

    If you wish to sign-up, visit UCpLUS page and make sure to mention your preference for classes at AAU.