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    Accompanying partner and children

    Non-EU/EEA citizens - registration procedure

    Accompanying partners and children must register in person at the International Citizen Service. They can register on their own or along with the main applicant (guest/employee of Aalborg University (AAU).

    EU/EEA citizens - registration procedure

    Accompanying partners and children can come as accompanying family to the main applicant (guest/employee of AAU). The partner must be able to document an established relationship through marriage or proof that you have lived together for more than more than 18 months.

    Accompanying partners and children must register in person at the International Citizen Service in order to get their EU residence certificate and CPR number, and register ALONG WITH the main applicant (guest/employee of AAU).

    Each accompanying family member must fill in form OD1 – incl. accompanying children. Please remember to fill in Appendix B.1 and B.2. The form must be signed by the main applicant (guest/employee of AAU).

    Accompanying spouses/partners will usually get their CPR number on the day of registration if they join the Getting Started in Denmark event. (LINK). However, in some cases they may only be able to initiate the application process and will then have to wait 2-4 weeks to get their CPR number. 

    EU/EEA citizens - If not married or living together

    If you are not able to document marriage or that you have lived together, you can come based on the following conditions of residence:

    • Sufficient resources - There are two options:
    1. You support yourself financially (please include documentation such as bank statement, scholarships or documentation of other means)
    2. Another person supports you financially (please include documentation from the person supporting you financially such as a declaration about financial support, employment contract/employers declaration and pay slips, bank statement or other documentation)
    • Worker - You have a paid employment in Denmark
    • Self-employed person - You have started or intend to start independent business activity in Denmark
    • Student - You are enrolled at an educational institution that gives students the right to support from the Danish Education Support Agency (SU). You must submit a declaration that you have sufficient resources for your period of residence so that you will not become a burden on the social assistance system.

    Read more about who can get a certificate of registration on the State Administraton website  

    Procedure if you are bringing children

    It is also possible to register on your own at the International Citizen Service. This may be an alternative if you are bringing small children. Contact the International Staff Unit (ISU) for further information.

    Documents to bring

    There are a number of documents to bring to register at the International Citizen Service. The following documents must be brought in original form from home. Only certificates in English/German/Scandinavian languages are accepted (original or authorized translations):

    • Original marriage certificate (if married). Please note that marriage certificates from some countries need to be apostille certified
    • Original birth certificate(s) (if you are bringing children). Please note that birth certificates from some countries need to be apostille certified.

    See the full list of documents to bring under your nationality:


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    Cross border commuters

    You are a cross-border commuter (also known as a frontier worker) if you live in another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark.

    Most cross-border commuters in Denmark are from Sweden, Germany and Poland.

    Cross-border commuters do not need to apply for an EU Certificate of Registration in Denmark, but non-EU/EEA citizens will need a valid work permit.

    Being a cross-border commuter has an influence on your tax, social security and rights to drive in Denmark among other things. Therefore, we advise you to investigate carefully whether or not you qualify to be a cross-border commuter and if you wish to register as such.

    You can read more about cross-border commuters and find links to websites for cross-border commuters from Sweden and Germany on the Lifeindenmark website.

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    Getting started in Denmark


    Upon arrival in Denmark, you are required to register with the Danish authorities in order to apply for a Danish CPR number, register for a tax card and register your Danish address in the Danish National Register.

    EU citizens will also need to register for an EU residence certificate.

    The International Staff Unit is happy to assist you with the registration process to ensure a smooth transition to your new life in Denmark.



    You can register in one stop at the International Citizen Service (ICS). Most of the Danish authorities that you need to register with upon arrival are present and represented at the ICS.

    You can find the ICS closest to your AAU campus here:


    International Citizen Service North
    Rantzausgade 4, 1
    9000 Aalborg

    Opening hours: Monday 09.00-13.00 and Thursday 12.00-16.00


    International Citizen Service East
    Gyldenløvesgade 11
    1600 København

    Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday 10.00-15.00, Thursday 11.00-15.00 and Friday 10.00-14.00.


    International Citizen Service South
    Dannebrogsgade 3, 1.th, 
    5000 Odense C

    Opening hours:
    Wednesday 08.30- 12:30 and Thursday 12.00-16.00.


    EU citizens need to book an appointment, before going to the ICS to hand in the application for the EU residence certificate. Book an appointment here.

    Visitors to the ICS in Copenhagen are also required to book an appointment, when registering for the CPR number. Find more information here.


    Do you need help sorting out your papers or do need to have copies made before going to the ICS? Please do not hesitate to come by the ISU office at Niels Jernes Vej 12, 1st floot, 9220 Aalborg. Opening hours are Monday – Friday 08.00-15.00


    As soon as you know your date of arrival in Denmark, we encourage you to sign up for support and assistance with the registration with the public authorities. Please sign up here.

    When we have received your registration, ISU will contact you and guide you through the registration process.

    Which documents to bring

    Find here an overview of the documents to bring to the ICS.


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    Stays under 90 days

    You do not need to register with the National Registry. Please note that you will not be covered by the Danish health insurance and must take out private health insurance during your stay.

    Read more about stays under 90 days.

Getting started support

Getting started support

The International Staff Unit is happy to assist you with the registration process with the public authorities.

More info. 

sign up for registration support!



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ICS - off to a good start

ICS - off to a good start