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Learning Danish

The International Staff Unit (ISU) strongly recommends all international staff members, as well as their accompanying spouses, to follow Danish language courses while while working and staying in Denmark. To follow the language courses will not only give you a grasp of the language, but also help you understand the Danish culture and society, improve your social life and boost career progression in the country.

At AAU, the main language is Danish. Much of all written information is translated into English, however, in many departments conversation and oral information happens in Danish.

Read further information and find out how to sign up at Learning Danish at AAU.

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    Some good advice

    Here you will find a few tips from the ISU team on how you can practice or develop your Danish skills:

    • Get started as soon as possible. Besides working the Danish language classes into your daily routines, it is a great way to meet new people who also just arrived.
    • Accept it. You are going to say many stupid things and that is OK!
    • Most people are helpful, let them help. You can take advantage of working with Danish colleagues and use the lunch break to practice with them.
    • Make learning Danish a lifestyle change. Change the language on your mobile phone to Danish, watch movies and TV shows in Danish or with Danish subtitles, listen to Danish radio in the morning while getting ready for work, etc.
    • Start using Danish expressions. Do you not know any? 
    • Read aloud. Start out by reading one news article a day, and then add more articles until you are reading for about fifteen minutes a day. That is a great and easy place to start.
    • Write more. You can start by bridging the gap between writing and speaking by texting your Danish friends in Danish.
    • Let technology help you. Multiple apps out there make it fun to learn. Take time to find the one that motivates you the most.
    • Join language cafés. In Aalborg you can find them at the libraries. You may also find groups at Meetup.com, e.g. "The Copenhagen Danish Language Speaking". In Esbjerg, you will find language cafés at the Mentor Network.
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    The Danish Language Centres (in Danish “De Danske Sprogskoler”)

    The language centres in Denmark offer Danish courses for foreign adults and are available for all levels - from beginner to advanced courses. There are up to six modules in total and the language centres offering the courses are subject to the National Curriculum for courses, tests and examinations in Danish as a Second Language. Each module requires a fully refundable deposit, 

    If you would like to learn Danish or develop your Danish skills further, you can choose between a number of excellent courses. For further information, please visit:

    You can read more about the Danish Language Centres (De Danske Sprogskoler) and find the full list of language providers