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Upon arrival

Healthcare, Medicine and GP's

In this section, you can find information about Danish healthcare services.

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    Acute medical assistance

    Contacts for emergency services

    In the event of serious injury or life-threatening illness, you will need to contact your general practitioner or the after hour doctor depending on the hour of the day, and they will then refer you to the emergency room, if required. Below you will find a list of contact information divided by the three AAU campus cities:


    Emergency 112

    In any case of serious injury or life-threatening illness or emergencies such as injury or fire, or if you urgently require police assistance, call the emergency call centre on telephone number 112. The number is the same no matter where in Denmark you are.

    Read more about emergency services under During your stay.

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    Choosing a doctor

    In Denmark, you access the public health system through your general practitioner (GP). You are required to choose a GP located within a 15 kilometres radius of your registered address. If you request a GP located more than 15 kilometres from where you live, you must bring along a written acceptance from the GP to Citizens’ Services. Furthermore, the GP you choose must be able to take on new patients.

    You choose your own doctor at the National Registry Office (Folkeregistret). When you fill in the forms for a health insurance certificate, you receive a list of general practitioners in your area of residence. If you belong to insurance group 1, you have to choose a permanent doctor. You are free to choose between the general practitioners, who accept new patients as indicated on the list. You can subsequently change doctor if you wish. However, please be aware that the cost to change doctor is DKK 200.

    • If you belong to insurance group 1, you can change your doctor by contacting the National Registry Office. The change will take effect 14 days after the authorities have received payment for the issue of a new health insurance card. You can also do it electronically at You will need your NemId to complete the application online.
    • If you are in insurance group 2, you do not choose a particular doctor, but may consult a new one whenever you please.


    Special rules for choosing a General Practitioner

    You are entitled to choose between at least two doctors in your area.

    Children under the age of 15 normally have the same general practitioner (GP) as their parents. If the parents have different GPs, the children usually have the same GP as the mother, unless otherwise agreed.


    Interpreter assistance

    Healthcare staff are responsible for making sure that their patients understand the information, and therefore they will assess whether there is a need for an interpreter in connection with treatment.

    If you have lived for more than three years in Denmark and you still need an interpreter to explain a medical problem, you are required to pay the cost yourself. Read more about interpreter assistance


    If you move to a new address

    If you move to a new address, you are required to register your new address at the Citizens’ Services in the municipality to which you move. If you move to a new municipality or more than 15 kilometres away from where your general practitioner is located, you will need to choose a new general practitioner (GP). When you have registered your new address and chosen a GP, you will receive a new health insurance card, where the name and address of your GP will be stated.


    Changing your general practitioner

    You can change your general practitioner (GP) by contacting the Citizens’ Services in the municipality in which you live. It takes 14 days from Citizens’ Services have received your request, before it is put into practice. Note: If you change GP without moving to a new address at least 15 kilometres from where your current GP is located, a DKK 200 fee applies, as you will need a new health insurance card.


    What to do if you need medical consultation

    You must contact your general practitioner if you need medical consultation. You call the doctor and make an appointment, for either the same day or one of the following days depending on the severity of the illness. Most doctors also have phone consultations one hour a day. You also have to contact your general practitioner if you want a referral to a medical specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist or a chiropodist, or if you need a prescription for medicine.



    If you are covered by the public health insurance and have chosen insurance group 1, medical consultation is free. You need to bring your yellow health insurance card to the consultation.


    Opening hours

    Danish doctors are normally open between 8.00 and 16.00.


    Emergency doctor

    If you need medical consultation outside opening hours, you need to contact the after hours doctor. If needed, they will refer you to the emergency room.  


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    Dental care

    If you need dental treatment, you can freely choose the dentist of your preference. You need to make an appointment in advance before seeing the dentist. If you need to see a dentist at the weekend or on public holidays, you can call the emergency dentist in your region. Be aware that dental treatment in Denmark is not free of charge, but subsidised by the state. Consequently, you will be charged a self-payment. It is therefore a good idea to ask in advance about the cost of the treatment.

    Dental care is free of charge for all children under the age 18 residing in Denmark. Children dental treatment is offered at the municipal dental health services (Den Kommunale Tandplejeordning).

    You can look up on the internet to find a dentist close to you under tandlæger.


    Outside opening hours

    In case of an emergency outside office hours (16.00-08.00), you can visit the emergency dental service (Tandlægevagten).

    You cannot make an appointment in advance.

    Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card and cash or other form of payment. 


    Orthodontic treatment

    Children who need to have their teeth corrected will be referred to an orthodontist by the municipal dentist, and the procedure is free of charge. Adults over 18 years of age must pay for orthodontic treatment.


    Finding a dentist

    You can search for dentists at The Danish Dental Association. You can look it up on the internet.


    Going to the dentist

    A visit to the dentist requires an appointment, and it is important that you show up on time. Remember to bring your health insurance card with you.

    Many dentists charge a fee from customers who do not show up for a scheduled appointment or do not give sufficient notice of cancellation.



    Note that all dental treatments and services have set prices and that all adults will be charged for all services. Ask your dentist for the prices of the various services. If you are a member of a private insurance scheme, you may be entitled to extra financial assistance with regular or special dental treatment or operations. Read more about private health insurance under Insurance.


    Contact information of emergency dental services can be found under During your stay - Emergencies