What can you expect from ISU amidst the new Covid-19 measures at AAU

What can you expect from ISU amidst the new Covid-19 measures at AAU

Although new health and safety measures are in place at AAU, ISU is still up and running for the most part. We recommend that you book an appointment before you come to see us.

Last modified: 21.09.2020



Last Friday, the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced new measures to stop the rising spread of Covid-19 infection. Following this communication, Aalborg University is still open for teaching and research as before (please visit AAU's coronavirus webpage for detailed information). However, all social activities are cancelled, and thus only activities directly related to work may take place in-person on campus.

Having these measures in mind, the International Staff Unit (ISU) is still fully available to answer your enquiries and help you in the best possible way. Please note that most of ISU’s team will be working from home to avoid unnecessary physical interactions (for the time being) hence, we strongly recommend that you contact us in advance if you wish to meet – being that in-person or virtually.

Unfortunately, our networking events have been put on hold. As some of you might have noticed, we were forced to abruptly cancel a guided tour at Aalborg Museum of Modern Art (Kunsten) for staff and families, which would have taken place last Saturday. However, it is our intention to still host this event – and others – at a later date.

Finally, we are happy to announce that our upcoming culture training workshops will not be cancelled nor postponed – as they have a competence development goal and are considered work-related. You are hereby invited to register and attend a Danish Culture - Crash Course targeted at AAU’s international staff, guest researchers and Ph.D. students. The workshop is held on 28. September (Monday) and will be facilitated in-person while respecting the current health and safety measures. In the following week, the same workshop will be hosted virtually. If you are not familiar with the ISU workshops, please visit our Culture Training webpage.


To sum up:


Note that the university is not locked down and all staff members are asked to agree with their immediate superior on the extent to which they will work from home. For staff in Copenhagen, the guidelines already in place for staff still apply.


Remember to keep yourself and others safe :)