New Danish residence document for British citizens

New Danish residence document for British citizens

At the beginning of November, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) sent out an information letter to all British citizens residing in Denmark.

Last modified: 27.11.2020

The letter informs all British citizens and their family members residing in Denmark that they must apply for a new Danish residence document in 2021, following the termination of the Brexit transition period. The issuance of this residence document is a precondition for maintaining a right to work, study and reside in Denmark. Please note that this also applies to UK citizens with permanent residence rights in Denmark.

In December, SIRI will forward yet another letter to all British citizens in Denmark. This will inform UK citizens of the date they will be required to submit their application for the new residence document; this means that British citizens will be asked to submit their application on different dates throughout 2021. Existing rights with regard to residence, study and work are maintained, while they are waiting to submit their applications and while their applications are being processed.

For further information on the process please visit this page.