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First event for AAU accompanying spouses/partners

First event for AAU accompanying spouses/partners

On the 29th of August, the International Staff Unit (ISU) invites all AAU international spouses and partners to a 'welcome to AAU+1' lunch meeting at ISU's "headquarters".

Last modified: 12.08.2019

The International Staff Unit (ISU) has the first ever programme for Aalborg University's international spouses and partners in place. AAU+1 is the name of this newly established network aimed at the "better halves" of our international staff members, guest researchers and PhD students. 


What is AAU+1?


The network offers support and guidance to spouses/partners during the challenging transition of moving to a new country and culture, as well as networking activities during your stay in Denmark - whether it be short-term or permanent.

We understand that leaving your family, friends, career and familiar environment behind can be overwhelming. The AAU+1 Spouse and Partner Network aims to help you find your feet, make new friends and help you off to a good start in this new chapter of your life.


AAU+1 welcome lunch


To kick start the network, ISU has prepared a "welcome lunch" event which will set the frame for this semester's AAU+1 initiatives and services. At this meeting, ISU will introduce the participants to the services and events the network has to offer, engage the group in a discussion about expectations and personal needs and the meeting will finish with a cozy social lunch. 

This meeting is FREE for all (registered) international accompanying spouses and partners of staff, guest researchers and PhD students affiliated to Aalborg University. 

Registration for this meeting is mandatory - click here to fill in the registration form! 


We also encourage all AAU spouses and partners to: 


Visit AAU +1 webspage!