Coronavirus - guidelines regarding. hiring of international staff and reception of international guests

Last modified: 21.08.2020

New international staff members arriving from 'open' countries can enter Denmark without restrictions

At present, residents from 'open' (yellow) countries are exempt from restrictions upon entering Denmark. This means that this group does not have to observe 14 days home isolation upon arrival in Denmark.


New international staff members arriving from 'banned' countries must observe home isolation or present proof of a negative COVID-19 test

New international staff members resident in 'banned' (orange) countries can enter Denmark if they have a ‘worthy purpose'.

AAU has previously requested that staff members and guests arriving from a banned country observed 14 days home isolation upon arrival in Denmark, before they entered AAU. However, the Danish authorities have now changed their recommendations; consequently, the following rules are now in force:

Staff and guests arriving from a banned (orange) country must fulfil one of the following conditions:

  1. They must present proof of a negative COVID-19 test carried out no more than 72 hours before arrival in Denmark. The test result must be in English or in Danish and must be produced upon request.
  2. They must submit a COVID-19 test within 24 hours of their arrival in Denmark. Furthermore, they must home isolate, while they wait for their test results. They can discontinue their home isolation, if the COVID-19 test is negative.

Please find the guidelines on how and where you can submit a COVID-19 test upon arrival in Denmark here. 

The Danish authorities publish a list of 'open' (yellow) countries and 'banned' (orange) countries on a weekly basis. The list is dynamic and may change at short notice. You can find the list here. 


Guest Researchers and Guest Ph.D. students now also have a worthy purpose to enter Denmark

The present guidelines view an employment in Denmark as a worthy purpose. This means that as long as new international staff members can present a letter of employment and a residence and work permit or proof of EU citizenship, this is sufficient documentation for them to enter Denmark.

According to the present guidelines, it is now also possible for guest researchers and guest Ph.D. students, who are resident in a banned country, to enter Denmark. The guests will need to present an invitation letter as well as documentation of employment/income/enrolment in their home country as documentation.


Before asking international staff or guests to enter Denmark, please note that:

  • Embassies and visa centres remain closed in a number of countries, which means that many new staff members from non-EU countries have difficulties completing their residence and work permit application. Non-EU citizens cannot enter Denmark without a residence and work permit.
  • An employment is viewed as a worthy purpose to enter Denmark. However, it is not possible for new staff members to enter Denmark more than 14 days before their employment starts.
  • International air traffic is still in low service; it can be difficult for the new staff members to come to Denmark, depending on their point of departure.
  • There may be a demand for home isolation upon arrival, unless the staff member or guest can present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival in Denmark.


For further information and assistance, please contact the International Staff Unit (ISU), who can offer guidance on individual cases, including support on tax and social security in cases where staff members have to commence their employment by working from their home country.

Please visit the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the COVID-19 page of the Danish Authorities for further information and updates