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AAU+1 spouse network off to a good start

AAU+1 spouse network off to a good start

In August 2019, the International Staff Unit (ISU) launched the first ever network for accompanying spouses and partners of international staff members at Aalborg University (AAU); so far, ISU has hosted four dedicated activities and three "meet-ups”.

Last modified: 30.10.2019

AAU +1 is the name of Aalborg University’s new network for spouses and partners of international staff members. It should come as no surprise that an influential factor in an expatriate‘s happiness is the accompanying spouse. ISU understands that leaving one’s family, friends, career and familiar environment behind can be overwhelming. Hence, the network’s goal is to help this group find its feet, make new friends and get them off to a good start in this new chapter of their life.

The network was launched on 29 August 2019 with a “welcome lunch” that took place at Aalborg campus east. Chanette Hemdrup Jakobsen – International Staff Partner and AAU +1 Coordinator – welcomed a group of 15 new international +1’s for a start-up workshop, lunch and networking.

The following activity took place in September, where the spouses joined a culture training workshop called “Living your best expat life” facilitated by Catarina Bettencourt – International Staff Officer and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer. The +1’s spent a pleasant morning focusing on identifying the challenges and opportunities for internationals in Denmark, recognising the Cultural Adjustment Phases of expat life and discussing personal strategies.

In October, the network gathered twice, first to visit the Sport & Culture Fair and later the New to North of Denmark Fair – both organised by the International House North Denmark (IHND). A workshop with focus on job searching was held before the visit to the fair, where the twelve participating spouses received advice and guidance from Anne Niklasson from Work in Denmark and Rikke Harboe from IHND on how to create a CV and approach job searching in Denmark.

Moreover, AAU +1 hosts bi-weekly Morning Coffee Meet-up. The last meet-up took place just yesterday on Tuesday 29 October at AAU campus Aalborg.

If you would like to join AAU +1 or know someone you would like to recommend the network to, please visit the links below.