Last modified: 28.06.2021


ending your stay

When your stay in Denmark is coming to an end, there are a number of practical things you must take care of before you leave the country.

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    Bank and insurrance

    When you leave Denmark, you can either choose to keep your Danish bank account or close it. However, we recommend that you do not close your Nemkonto until you have received your tax assessment notice as any tax refunds will be credited to this account. This also goes for reimbursements of e.g. utilities or deregistration fees.

    Your account will be closed automatically, if the account is not used for a longer period (usually 2 years) and it will require extensive paper work to take out the money after your account has been closed automatically.  

    You are recommended to talk to your bank about the best options for you.

    Regardless of where you are going, you must always inform your Danish bank of your new address abroad.

    Furthermore, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to terminate your insurances and to enquire about your insurance coverage in connection with your relocation.

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    Deregister from the Danish CPR system

    When you move from Denmark, you must deregister from the Civil Registration System (CPR). You do this by contacting the citizen service centre in the municipality in which you have lived; here you can acquire and submit the relevant leaving form. You have to fill in your current address and the address you are moving to on the form, as well as the date of your move and the names of everyone moving with you. The citizen centre will issue a receipt.

    When you deregister from the Civil Registration System, you automatically cancel your media licence fee.

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    Deregister your car

    If you have a car registered in Denmark, you can take it with you to your new country of residence. However, you need to de-register the vehicle in Denmark.

    In certain cases, you may be entitled to a refund of the registration fee. It is also possible to buy a new car with border plates (no tax or VAT). For more information, please see

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    Deregister your children from nursery, school and clubs

    You have to notify your children’s school, after- school club, kindergarten, nursery or other care provider of your departure. In the public sector (e.g. kindergarten and after school clubs), you usually have to give one month’s notice in writing. If you fail to do so, you may be charged for an extra month.

    It is possible to deregister from municipal childcare services digitally via However, most of the online self-services are only available in Danish. If you require assistance, please visit your local citizen service centre.

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    Destroy your residence card (Non-EU citizens only)

    Non-EU/EEA citizens who hold a pink residence card are required to destroy the card upon leaving Denmark. The card should be destroyed if you are leaving Denmark permanently and if the card is no longer valid. 

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    Doctor and dentist

    Before you leave the country, remember to obtain your (and, if applicable, your family’s) medical and dentist files from your family practitioners. You may need them at a later time, where it might be difficult to obtain them from abroad on short notice.

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    Holiday pay

    In case of termination of employment, days of holiday, which have not been taken, are disbursed to the employee. As far as possible, employees on fixed-term contracts, for example PhD fellows, research assistants, etc., must take a proportionate amount of accrued holiday before the term of employment ends.

    You can have all your earned holiday allowance paid out whether or not you take holidays. Before your holiday pay can be paid out, your remaining holiday must be settled by the university and you must receive a letter from Feriepengeinfo in your eBoks.

    The conditions to have your holiday pay paid out are that:

    • You must leave Denmark permanently and deregister from the Civil Registration System (CPR). Read more about how to deregister under 'Deregister from the Danish CPR System' on this page.

    • You need to request your holiday pay at within 6 months after having left the country.

    However, if you have not agreed on a holiday settlement yet and you need to work out how much holiday pay you have accrued, you should contact the HR Servicentres. If you have not received a letter from Feriepengeinfo, or if you have questions regarding your holiday pay, please contact the HR Servicecentres (HSF or EST). 

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    National health card

    When leaving Denmark, you must either hand in your yellow national health insurance card (sundhedsbevis) at your local citizen service centre (Borgerservice) or you must dispose of it by cutting it into small pieces.

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    NemID and e-Boks

    We recommend that you order an extra code card before you leave Denmark. This way you can still log on to your Danish online selfservice facilities and access e-Boks to read important mail after you have left Denmark.

    You keep your NemID if you meet the following conditions:

    • When you leave Denmark, remember to inform NemID about your new address. You do this on the NemID homepage. NemID needs your current address to send you new code cards. If you use the NemID app, you still need the physical key card, if you need to re-activate your app on a new unit or if your phone runs out of power. 
    • NemID must be renewed every 3 years. 3 months before your NemID is closed, you will receive a reminder in the NemID app or by logging on to the NemID website. You are advised to keep track of the time to make sure that you see the reminder. You must accept the reminder to keep your NemID for an additional 3 years.
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    Notify the Danish Tax Authority (SKAT)

    Notify the tax authorities about your new address

    When you leave Denmark, it is very important that you notify the Danish tax authorities (SKAT) about your new address. Leaving Denmark and deregistering your address from the national register will not automatically cease your tax liability to Denmark.

    Please notify the Danish Tax Agency when you leave Denmark:

    Change your tax assessment notice

    When your employment in Denmark ends, SKAT will assess your tax liability. It is your job and place of residence that determine to which country you have to pay tax.

    Therefore, please complete the relevant form and submit it to the Danish tax authorities when you leave Denmark:

    • If you are subject to limited tax liabilty: If you have additional information to your tax assessment notice, such as deduction for transport between home and work or travelling expenses for food and accommodation, please complete form 04.069. If you have no additional information, you do not need to do anything further.
    • If you are subject to full tax liability: Please complete form 04.003.
    • If you are a cross-border worker: Please complete form 04.031.
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    When you are no longer living in Denmark, it is possible to have your pension paid out abroad.

    Aalborg University recommends that you contact your pension fund for information and guidance on what to do about your pension savings when leaving Denmark.

    Please notice that you can not have your ATP Livslang Pension paid out if you leave Denmark. Read what to do at ATP Livslang Pension

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    Read and report consumption on utility meters

    You must read your meters before you move out and inform your providers (the utility companies). Otherwise, you risk paying for more than you have consumed and you may be held responsible for the consumption until the next resident registers as a consumer at the address.

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    Redirect your post

    The Danish postal service, PostNord, can forward your mail to an address abroad for the first six months. Registration can only be done online using an online form.

    In the form, Choose “Flytning” and then “Udlands adresseændring”. Here you upload a copy of your passport, driving license or other ID and fill in your details.

    Please note that parcels, magazines and advertisements will not be forwarded when you change your address to another country.

    If Post Nord is not notified about your new address when moving out of Denmark, your post will be returned to the sender.

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    Social Security and the E104 Form

    Please note that leaving Denmark entails a number of changes to your rights. When you deregister from the Civil Registration System (CPR) and relocate to another country, you simultaneously lose your entitlement to social security in Denmark.

    We recommend that you check which social rights you are entitled to in the country to which you are moving, before you leave Denmark.

    When you leave Denmark to live in another EU country, some EU countries require documentation that you have been covered by social security in Denmark in order to be covered by social security in their country.

    The E104 form proves that you have been covered by Danish national healthcare, and will shorten any waiting period to join the new country's healthcare. Only people who are leaving Denmark and have deregistered with the Citizen's Service can obtain the form.

    You get the form by contacting the public authorities in your  new contry of residence, who should send the form E104 to Udbetaling Danmark. Udbetaling Danmark is the Danish authority in charge of questions relating to social security and international health insurance in Denmark. Udbetaling Danmark will then send the E104 form to the public authorities in your new home country.

    For further information on the E104 form and social security, please contact Udbetaling Danmark.

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    Transfer periods of unemployment insurance

    What to be aware of as an EU/EEA citizen

    Upon leaving Denmark, you may transfer your periods of employment and unemployment insurance from Denmark to another EEA country. This will be possible if you have been employed and insured against unemployment in Denmark.


    What to be aware of as a Non-EU/EEA-citizen

    If you have been working in Denmark and move to another EU country, it will not be possible to transfer earned rights from the Danish unemployment scheme.

    However, if you move to one of the other Nordic countries, it will be possible to transfer earned rights from Denmark.