Last modified: 19.05.2020

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Housing benefits

If you live in rented accommodation, you may be entitled to receive housing benefits. Whether or not you are eligible to receive housing benefits depends on a number of conditions, e.g.:

  • How much you pay in rent
  • How many children and adults live in the accommodation
  • The total income of everyone who lives in the accommodation
  • Your basis for residence in Denmark

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    How do you apply for housing benefits?

    You can apply for housing benefits by contacting Udbetaling Danmark.  

    Contact Udbetaling Danmark by phone (+45) 70 12 80 63 or by email at

    You can also apply for housing benefits via the municipal online service at the website of lifeindenmark (in Danish only) if you have a NemID (requires a CPR number).  

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    How much can you get?

    How much you can receive in housing benefits depends on a number of conditions, including:

    • Your rent after deducting expenses for electricity, water and heating
    • The area of the accommodation in square metres
    • The number of children and adults, who live in the accommodation
    • Income and capital for everyone, who lives in the accommodation

    You do not need to pay tax on housing benefits.

    Please contact Udbetaling Danmark for further information.

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    Who can recieve housing benefits?

    Citizens from EU/EEA countries can receive housing benefits on equal terms with Danish citizens. Non-EU/EEA citizens may be able to receive housing benefits depending on which residence and work permit they hold.

    Overview of residence and work permit types that do not allow for you to receive housing benefits

    The categories below all have a foundation for residence that does not allow one to receive housing benefits:

    • Fee-paying PhD students (enrolled, not employed)
    • Guest PhD students (not enrolled, not employed)
    • Bachelor/Master’s students
    • Job seeking period – Master’s students
    • Job seeking period – PhD students


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