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New workshop dates to be announced in spring 2022. 


The goal of Aalborg University's (AAU) culture training programme is to support the transition of our institution into a high-performing culturally diverse work environment. AAU's culture training programme is coordinated by the International Staff Unit (ISU) and is FREE & EXCLUSIVE for all staff, guest researchers and PhD students.


All you need to know...

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    Contact & registration

    Cultural Intelligence Workshops will return again in spring 2022.

    Watch this spce for upcoming dates!


    QUESTIONS RELATED TO future workshops:

    t. 9940 3030


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    Course description

    Cultural Intelligence Workshop

    More information to follow in spring 2022.

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    Practical Information

    Cultural Intelligence Workshops will return in spring 2022.



    Registration deadline is 48 hours before the course start. 

    At ISU, we understand when life throws us curves and you have to cancel your registration for a course.  Hence, we kindly ask you to consider that there are many resources going into putting together these FREE courses for you. If you are unable to join the course for which you registered, please contact us as soon as possible.

    The ISU reserves the right to cancel the courses if the minimum participants’ (8) number is not reached.


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    Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is key in establishing positive work relationships, collaborating in teams, assisting staff and supervising students across cultures. A lack of CQ can lead to low performance, conflicts, frustration and mistrust in culturally diverse groups. While basic social skills and respect for other cultures can be enough, cultural intelligence is especially important in stressful situations.

    1. Its benefits are reflected in your work performance;
    2. Diverse teams with high cultural intelligence will outperform homogeneous teams;
    3. Cultural intelligent individuals can effectively adapt to various culturally diverse situations;
    4. Without it, mutual distrust can set in, language barriers can grow more divisive, and different people in the group may bring disparate approaches to conflict;
    5. While basic social skills and respect for other cultures can be enough, cultural intelligence is especially important in stressful situations (conflict management).


The Cultural (CQ®) Research in 90 Seconds