Last modified: 18.03.2020

Before Arrival

local networks

There are different things to consider when moving to another country to live and/ or work. Moving to Denmark for work can broaden your life experience and career prospects. However, it can also mean that you will face some challenges. Aalborg University (AAU) acknowledges that some of these challenges might not only be related to bureaucracy and other practical matters, but instead to how you build a local social network.

Hence, we have come up with a checklist of the top three challenges you might need to take into account if you are currently considering or planning to move to Denmark, and work at AAU.


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    Establishing a social network

    Moving to a new country involves a loss of one’s existing social network. It is good to take into account the potential for building a new network in Denmark when looking into a job position at AAU.


    Are regular social events organised by AAU?

    Every semester, AAU's International Staff Unit (ISU) hosts a wide number of networking activities for AAU staff, guest researchers and Ph.D. students - and accompanying families. You can find the upcoming activities at ISU's calendar page. 

    AAU also hosts two yearly events for AAU staff, guest researchers and Ph.D. students:


    How to meet people in your local area?

    Visit the International House North Denmark, International House Copenhagen and New in Esbjerg to find out about local events, sport clubs and associations.


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    Finding cultural and leisure acitvities

    Libraries in Denmark are free and offer many different services for locals and newcomers. At a public library, you can borrow books, newspapers and magazines, music, DVDs and computer games. You can also gain access to the internet, read the daily newspapers in several languages and get help to find specific information about cultural life and leisure activities, for example.

    Many libraries organise different events such as exhibitions, movie screenings, and children’s theatre performances, invite speakers to give talks and provide homework assistance.

    Many people in Denmark – children and adults alike – are actively involved in associations and take voluntary education courses at evening classes. In associations and at evening schools you can pursue your interest in sport, politics, history, languages, theatre and music, for example. Associations and evening classes are a good way to meet other citizens and play an active role in your local community.

    At Expat in Denmark you can, among other things, find professional and social networks and events for workers from abroad and their families. You can also find a list of other networks at:

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    Lifestyle changes

    We recommend that you carefully reflect on differences in climate, available food products, language, culture, work ethic, and quality of life when researching your move. If possible, a few trips to explore Aalborg, Esbjerg and/ or Copenhagen – where AAU has campuses – would be extremely beneficial, ensuring that your needs and expectations are met.

    Consider visiting us at the International Staff Unit (ISU) on Campus Aalborg East, and have a talk. If that is not a viable option for you, we invite you to book a Skype meeting with us, if you are in the recruiting process to come work at AAU. 

    You can also find different sources of information at the Living in Denmark page.


    Cultural training on arrival 

    Learning about the local culture and how to work with others from a different cultural background, can be beneficial to you. ISU offers a cultural training programme each semester which will help you establishing positive work relationships, collaborating in teams, and supervising students across cultures. Learn about the programme at our Culture Training page.