Last modified: 18.03.2020

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Understanding your holiday scheme

Denmark has one of the highest numbers of paid holidays in the world. Danes generally prioritise and appreciate their holidays. Every full time employee receive at least five weeks of paid holiday every year.


Under the regular Danish holiday scheme, holidays are accumulated throughout the calendar year and must be taken in the year following the year of accumulation (from 1 May the following year). The Danish Holiday Act (Ferieloven) is the regulation that covers most salaried employees. Under this act, employees are entitled to 25 ordinary days of holiday and 5 special days of holiday.


The majority of AAUs international employees are included in the concurrent holiday scheme. Employees on this scheme accrue 2.08 paid holiday per month/25 paid holidays per year just like employees covered by the regular holiday rules. The accrued days can be used flexibly from the first month after starting the accrual period.

The accrued days are transferred to the employee's holiday balance, and can be taken as it is accrued.


As of 1 September 2020, a new Danish Holiday Act will come into effect. From this date, the regular Danish holiday scheme where staff members need to accumulate holidays is terminated nationwide and all AAU staff members will be transferred to the concurrent holiday scheme.

Staff members already enrolled in the concurrent holiday scheme can remain on the scheme until the new Act comes into effect, regardless of the previous limit of 5 year of enrolment.

As all employees will be transferred to concurrent holiday in September 2020, we encourage all new eligible employees to choose the concurrent holiday scheme at the beginning of the employment.

You can find more information about the new Holiday Act in the AAU Handbook (in Danish).

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