Last modified: 18.03.2020

Before arrival

Danish healthcare system

Everyone residing in Denmark for more than three months, has the right to receive national health service treatment for free. This means that as soon as you are a registered resident here and have a CPR (civil registration) number, you have the same rights to medical assistance as Danish citizens.

The yellow health insurance certificate (sygesikringsbevis) is the documentation that you are entitled to health insurance services in Denmark.

Before coming to Denmark we advise you to make sure that you are covered by private healthcare until you get registered in Denmark. EU citizens should bring their blue EU health insurance card (blue card). We also advise you to bring your medical and dental records.

Read more about healthcare, medicine and GP’s (General practitioners), under the section Upon Arrival.

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    Blue EU Health Insurance Card (EU citizens only)

    EU citizens and citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are encouraged to bring the blue EU health insurance card with them from their home country. The EU health insurance card provides coverage within the EU for up to a year during holiday and work.

    Read more about health cover for Stays under 90 days.

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    Health insurance

    Denmark has a comprehensive public healthcare system, including general practitioners, specialist practitioners, hospitals, doctors on call and more.

    Public healthcare in Denmark is tax-financed and the vast majority of healthcare services are free of charge for the users, including hospital services and visits to general practitioners.


    Stays under 90 days

    Please note that guest researchers on short-term stays are not covered by the public healthcare.

    Guest researchers and guest PhD students on short term stays (i.e. less than three months) are not covered by Danish healthcare (only emergency treatment). They will need to arrange for private healthcare insurance before arriving in Denmark.

    Read more under Stays under 90 days.