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AAU+1 is a network aimed at the spouses and partners of all international staff members at AAU.

The network offers support and guidance to spouses/partners during the challenging transition of moving to a new country and culture, as well as networking activities during your stay in Denmark - whether it be short-term or permanent.

We understand that leaving your family, friends, career and familiar environment behind can be overwhelming. The AAU+1 Spouse Network aims to help you find your feet, make new friends and help you off to a good start in this new chapter of your life.

AAU+1 services

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    "Welcome to Denmark" meeting for spouses/partners

    If you are planning to move to Denmark or have arrived in the last three months, this meeting is for you.

    As an international accompanying spouses/partner of an Aalborg University (AAU) staff member, you have the opportunity to book a "Welcome to Denmark" one-on-one meeting with our International Staff Partner and AAU+1 coordinator, Chanette Jakobsen.

    • Chanette will welcome you in person or online for a talk about your life in Denmark. 
    • Each meeting is personalised to meet your needs and profile.
    • Either you are looking to settle or just make the best of a short stay in Denmark, at this meeting you can get a concise and relevant introduction to the country, culture, job market, and more. 

    We are looking forward to meet you! 

    Book a "Welcome to Denmark" meeting!

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    Career advice / CV advice for accompanying spouses/partners

    Are you looking to find your own career path in Denmark? 

    The International Staff Unit (ISU) has an established collaboration with AAU Career. AAU Career offer professional advice and guidance at Aalborg University (AAU). Although their focus is on our university's students' future career, they also offer the same services to international accompanying spouses/partners of AAU staff members. Your direct contact at AAU Career is Christian Friis-Nielsen

    Christian is able to guide you through the following topics: 

    • Cover letter and CV (resume)
    • What type of jobs to apply for
    • What you can offer in your area in Denmark
    • The Danish business world and the different industries
    • Unemployment benefits and unions
    • Career counselling
    • Knowledge about upcoming job seminars, careers fairs, etc. 
    • Internship and student jobs


    Book a career advice meeting! 


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    Danish Culture training for accompanying spouses/partners

    The goal of culture training is to support your transition to the Danish social and cultural environment.

    The International Staff Unit (ISU) offers you useful knowledge and tools to help you react and adapt effectively in the Denmark by helping you understand the potential of diversity in the Danish setting, the different parameters of the Danish culture, as well as how to handle cultural misunderstandings.

    Our International Staff Officer - Catarina Bettencourt - is a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer and is responsible for this service. Catarina offers two types of training:

     ► A group workshop targeted at international accompanying spouses.

    2-hours focussing on how the Danish culture interplays with other cultures as well as on the importance of cultural relativism.

    This workshops are pre-booked every beggining of the semesters. If we have any workshops in line, you can find them on the right side of this page under "UPCOMING EVENTS FOR AAU +1" 


     ► Individual Culture Profiling one-on-one meeting

    1-hour learning how your cultural background plays a part in your social and professional interactions.

    Book an Individual Culture Profiling!



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    Networking for accompanying spouses/partners

    We believe that networking is essential. Therefore, we offer you various opportunities to create a social network in Denmark. 

    Step bt Step networking with AAU+1

    1. Join our Facebook group AAU +1 where we share all the novel intiatives for networking, career advice and being social. This group is also a platform for you to get in touch with other Aalborg University (AAU) international spouses/partners. 
    2. Log in to one of the weekly virtual coffee meetings! These are informal virtual (for now) meet ups where all you have to do in click here every Tuesday from 10:00 - 11:00 to chat with other AAU+1's or just listen in. We have a weekly topic to discuss and you are welcome to contribute or just "sit in". 
    3. Become part of the AAU+1 volunteer coordination group! This group is composed by international AAU spouses/partners such as yourself who wish to develop new initiatives in collaboration with the International Staff Unit (ISU). To become a volunteer, contact AAU +1 coordinator Chanette Jakobsen. 



You can learn more about our partner networks who specialise in servicing spouses and partners below; the networks are divided by campus. Their services are available to AAU spouses and partners in the form of networking sessions, seminars, events, and knowledge sharing.

IN copenhagen, Aalborg and esbjerg


The International Dual Career Network (IDCN) is a collaboration of companies, NGOs and academic institutions. The purpose of IDCN is to support the spouses and partners of the international staff of its members in their job search, while providing member companies with access to a turnkey pool of talent in the process.

The IDCN also offers you the opportunity to take part and be an active volunteer in the daily organisation of IDCN, thus providing a great opportunity for you to network.

Read more about IDCN

In Aalborg

International house north denmark

The International House North Denmark (IHND) is a service centre provided by Aalborg Municipality which aims to overcome the challenges related to labour shortage in the region through the programs listed below. Through these projects the IHND assists the international community in finding jobs and integrating in the North Denmark region.

  • Global growth agents
  • Expat host program
  • Spouse space
  • Global outlook strategy programme

Read more about International House North Denmark

IN esbjerg

newcomer service

Newcomer Service is a service provided by Esbjerg Municipality. Esbjerg Newcomer Service offers a wide array of support and guidance for internationals settling in the Esbjerg area, including assisance with job search for spouses and partners through Partner Jobs.  

Read more about Newcomer Service