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AAU+1 is a network aimed at the spouses and partners of all international staff members at AAU.

The network offers support and guidance to spouses/partners during the challenging transition of moving to a new country and culture, as well as networking activities during your stay in Denmark - whether it be short-term or permanent.

We understand that leaving your family, friends, career and familiar environment behind can be overwhelming. The AAU+1 Spouse Network aims to help you find your feet, make new friends and help you off to a good start in this new chapter of your life.



Be part of our network!

We encourage all AAU spouses and partners to:

  1. Contact our International Staff Partner Chanette Hemdrup Jakobsen 
  2. Sign up for future communication about AAU+1 by filling in the form Registration: AAU +1 
  3. Ask to join the Facebook group AAU +1


You can learn more about our partner networks who specialise in servicing spouses and partners below; the networks are divided by campus. Their services are available to AAU spouses and partners in the form of networking sessions, seminars, events, and knowledge sharing.

IN copenhagen, Aalborg and esbjerg


The International Dual Career Network (IDCN) is a collaboration of companies, NGOs and academic institutions. The purpose of IDCN is to support the spouses and partners of the international staff of its members in their job search, while providing member companies with access to a turnkey pool of talent in the process.

The IDCN also offers you the opportunity to take part and be an active volunteer in the daily organisation of IDCN, thus provideing a great opportunity for you to network.

Read more about IDCN

In Aalborg

International house north denmark

The International House North Denmark (IHND) is a service centre provided by Aalborg Municipality which aims to overcome the challenges related to labour shortage in the region through the programs listed below. Through these projects the IHND assists the international community in finding jobs and integrating in the North Denmark region.

  • Global growth agents
  • Expat host program
  • Spouse space
  • Global outlook strategy programme

Read more about International House North Denmark

IN esbjerg

newcomer service

Newcomer Service is a service provided by Esbjerg Municipality. Esbjerg Newcomer Service offers a wide array of support and guidance for internationals settling in the Esbjerg area, including assisance with job search for spouses and partners through Partner Jobs.  

Read more about Newcomer Service