Living in Denmark

For you and your family to get the most out of your stay in Denmark

We have collected some information for you on life at Aalborg University and in Denmark in general. We aim to make your relocation to Denmark as easy as possible by assisting you through the administrative procedures, and by helping you find schools/kindergarten, spare time activities, etc. for your children.


Welcome meetings for international AAU staff

As an international at Aalborg University, you and your partner are invited to the monthly Welcome Meetings for international staff, guest researchers and PhD students. Please sign up for the welcome meeting at Aalborg University (presently, only in Aalborg).

If you are living in Copenhagen, we advise you to visit International House Copenhagen. International House Copenhagen is there to make your settling in as easy as possible. You are able to register, join lots of events and receive a great service on life in Denmark.

If you are living in Esbjerg, we advise you to visit the Newcomer Service.  Newcomer Service offers one entrance to your new home.

Please remember that you are also very welcome to seek advice at International Staff Unit. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Further information

You are able to find blogs on life as a newcomer in Denmark, information on Danish traditions, culture, social conditions, etc. at the official website of Denmark. Furthermore, to register new address, etc. using the online self-service in Denmark. Further official information for you living in Denmark.



Organisations with the main purpose to attract expats to Denmark have worked out easy-to read publications on how to get settled and what to do in Denmark.

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