Leaving Denmark

leaving denmark during employment

If you leave Denmark only for a short time during your employment at Aalborg University, please be aware that your residence and work permit might lapse if you do not comply with the requirements. Read about the requirements.

Researchers and PhD students having applied for a residence and work permit after 1st of January 2015 might be exempted from the provisions on lapse of residence and work permit. This information will appear from your residence and work permit.


If you leave Denmark for more than 6 months or you rent or lend out your house or flat during your time abroad you need to de-register. When you return to Denmark you need to visit the local Municipality at "Borgerservice" in order to register your re-entry to Denmark.

In order to receive your private mail while being abroad we recommend you to register all possible letters to be delivered electronically to your "e-Boks". It is not possible for all mail to be delivered to your "e-Boks", so you also need to state another address to the postal service (PostNord).


leaving denmark after termination of your employment

When you leave Denmark there are a number of practical matters you need to be aware of. Among other things you need to fill out the form from the Danish SKAT to inform the authorities that you are leaving and de-register from in the CPR-register (not possible until 5 days prior to departure). Please find further directions on what to do about de-registration, taking your pension with you etc. Furthermore, you need to inform your insurance company that you are leaving Denmark and to cancel subcriptions e.g. mobile phone and newspaper, membership of clubs, associations, etc. It is necessary to present the documentation that you have de-registrered to the University in order to e.g. have your holiday allowance paid out.

The Danish Immigration Authorities kindly ask you to return or destroy the residence card ("the pink card"), if your residence and work permit has been issued on the grounds of your position.

Please also contact the department secretary to find out about matters you need to be aware of when leaving Aalborg University.


We hope you enjoyed your time at Aalborg University.