Before arrival at Aalborg University

Please check what is necessary for you to do prior to your arrival at Aalborg University.

What you need to do before you can work and reside as a researcher or PhD student in Denmark depends on your citizenship. Please read the appropriate checklist below for further information.

Please also find further information regarding what you need to consider before arrival in Denmark. We recommend that you download the free app "Move to DK", which contains information of what you need to do upon arrival and lots of information about the Danish society, etc.

For All Newcomers at Aalborg University


Checklists on what is important before arrival IN denmark



For all international staff with children of school age, we recommend that you contact a school as soon as possible in order to sign up for enrollment.



Finding accommodation in Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen can be challenging and expensive (Copenhagen being the most expensive). Please, carefully consider your priorities and what really matters to you when you search for a home. Aalborg University has an Accommodation Office to help our international employees finding a place to rent. Contact the secretary in the department you will be affiliated with for help finding accommodation.



We recommend that you bring along your diplomas (i.e. Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD diplomas), your valid work and residence permit, your passport, insurance papers, tax card from your home country, and if you are married and/or have children, also your marriage certificate and your children's birth certificates. It is also advisable to bring the blue European Health Insurance Card (if you are an EU-citizen).



Please note the requested amounts for self-support of your family or if you come to Denmark as a self-financing PhD Student or guest researcher.


Private health insurance

You are not entitled to be enrolled in the Danish health insurance system if you stay in Denmark for less than 3 months. Make sure you are either covered by an insurance plan from your home country or insure yourself with a private insurance plan in Denmark.